Video Testimonials: If you thought written reviews were good...

Sure, a written review is great, however, it pales next to watching a real customer talk about how awesome you are. Prospects are looking for assurance that you’re a good bet for their hard-earned dollar. Put their mind at ease and watch them open their wallet.

The Marketing Game Changer

88% Of Consumers Trust Online Testimonials As Much As Personal Recommendations

Who you gonna’ trust?

I think we all know that YOU saying how awesome you are vs. someone else saying how awesome you are carry two very different weights. While written reviews are very useful for print ads and directories, video testimonials rule the day when it comes to authenticity and conversions. FliqMail helps you easily capture video testimonials to build credibility with your prospects and customers.


Just Too Darned Simple

Three Steps From Start to Finish!

Easier than drinking water through a straw.

Select your Testimonial Prompt, Your Branding Components and Email Your Request to your Ecstatic Customer...that’s it!

Just choose from one of the many Testimonial Prompts to help your reviewer get started, then select your musical underscore, write your Call to Action, select your desired font style, add how you wish to be contacted, and press the Send button. That’s all there is to it. You get back a glowing testimonial from a real person talking about how great their experience was working with your company.

All you have to do is place it Online in a variety of places that your prospects will see it and watch your phone ring as your Testimonials do the heavy lifting.


Video Testimonial Features

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