Video Messaging: Get Seen In All The Right Places

Works in LinkedIn Messaging, Gmail, Outlook 365, Text Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND MORE!

Embed FliqMail’s Video Messages on Multiple Platforms

Employ Video To Get Your Message Across Almost Anywhere!

Time to break out of the box

You already know that video “ups” your game. The problem has been that up until now, you were confined to only a few ways to get that video in front of the audiences you wanted to target.

Not so anymore!

With a few button pushes, you record and store your videos in our Platform and by using the embed code, you can post a GIF that links to your recorded video.
Ideal for Social Media postings, like LinkedIn, and other direct messages.


Here’s Just How Easy It Can Be!

Leverage FliqMail’s Video Messaging to Send LinkedIn Direct Messages.

You outline the three prompts that guide each “scene”, record each section, add your branding and FliqMail does the rest!

  • Create your video message within FliqMail
  • Copy your embed code
  • Paste it into the direct message box on your LinkedIn profile.
  • The URL will automatically include an animated GIF to your message.
  • The customer will be taken to your landing page when they click on the video.
  • Include your phone number, a reply back option, or custom URL forward- ing to your landing page.

Video Messaging Features

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