Video Email: Get Opened and Connect

Higher open rates are the first step to connecting with your audience which leads to more responses, increased conversions, and more memorable branding making you more referable.

Win the Inbox Competition

How do you cut through Inbox clutter?

FliqMail helps you build better business relationships.

Being able to utilize video in your emails enables you to build the “know you, like you, trust you” attributes that every business relationship requires for longevity. Video often removes misunderstandings attendant to written messages as it adds intonation (38%) and facial expression (55%) which comprise 93% of all communication.


Jump Out In Front Of Your Competition

How do you cut through Inbox clutter?

He who gets the most emails opened...wins

The content of your email is irrelevant if no one opens your email in the first place.

Your prospect’s ever-growing number of emails in their Inbox means they must figure out which get Trashed, which get put aside to read later (maybe), and which get prioritized to be opened now. Video email gets moved to the top of the “open now” list and then, once opened, compellingly delivers your message in a way that text just can’t.


Video Email Features

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