Build rapport and grab attention easily and affordably with video.

You know that incorporating video into your marketing can take you to the next level. Whether on your website, in your presentations, marketed on social media, or shouting your 5-Star reputation to the world, we’ve made it as simple as just a few clicks of your mouse.
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Connect with your Prospects, Customers and Peers right from your computer, laptop or phone.

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Next to a face-to-face, nothing is better than video.

With video, you get body language, intonation, and emotion to get your point across more effectively. Plain text can’t hope to rival video and add to that more and more communication is occurring on smaller screens (read: mobile phones and tablets) and video becomes the clear winner when it comes to the preferred communication format.


Push button editing simplicity.

No more having to learn complicated video editing software. Just as FliqMail can be shot with just about any camera (phone, webcam, DSLR, etc.), FliqMail also provides simple to follow easy editing instructions. Just click a few buttons and let our Platform do all the heavy lifting. You invest a minimal amount of time to get the maximum amount of impact.


Get Seen, Get Remembered.

Your prospects and clients love video. They’re busy, like you, and don’t have time to hunt around to figure out what you’re all about. Spoon feed the right information in the right way to the right audience and watch your views skyrocket along with your sales. Nothing else performs like a well-crafted video.

5 Marketing Tools All For 1 Low Price

The Swiss Knife of Video Marketing to capture your audience’s attention


Video Email

Just putting the word Video in the Subject Line increases open rates by over 46%!

Video email trounces simple text when it comes to engaging your target audience. Connect with your prospects and customers with our newbie-friendly video email software accessible from any device. Start sending video emails today and be blown away by the response!


Video Testimonials

Reviews are great...Video Testimonials Rock!

Consumers want to know you’re a reputable company before they part with their hard-earned cash. They want to hear about others' experiences of your business to gauge how their experience will be. With our easy-to-use video testimonial software, assuage your prospect's fears so they feel comfortable choosing you as their preferred choice. Start gathering and posting Video Testimonials today and watch your conversion rates climb!


Branded Videos

Get Seen, Stay Remembered

Whether describing your services, products or simply sharing your knowledge, branded video content is a key component to increase brand recognition and sales. With just a few clicks create:

  • Expert Tip Videos
  • New Product Offerings
  • Introduce Team Members


Story Videos

Stitch Together 3 Clips to Tell Your Extended Story

Like a book with three chapters, break your narrative into individualized scenes and then connect them into one complete story. Each “chapter” title prompts the speaker about the topic to be discussed and when all three chapters are recorded, you simply click a few buttons to connect them, and Voila! a mini-movie that explains and brands you as an industry leader.



Record a Quick Video and Post Almost Anywhere

Posting videos to your social media or email platform has been a royal pain... assuming you could do it all. With Video Messaging that's all changed.

Now you can record a video from practically any device and then paste the embed code we provide into most Platforms and Voila!, your viewers see your animated thumbnail image just begging to be clicked.

Get your message seen where your prospects already are.


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What are you waiting for?

Once you experience the ease and power of FliqMail, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

It’s never been easier to get into the video marketing game AND at such an affordable price. You don’t have to buy extra equipment, you don’t have to climb the steep learning curve of professional videography and editing software, this is point-and-shoot at its easiest.

Give it a have nothing to lose and a WHOLE LOT to gain.


What Industries Use FliqMail?

If you’re in business, FliqMail will help you grow!

We don’t have to tell you what you already is the preferred method your customers have of receiving information. With the variety of features that we offer and with the ease and affordability of a FliqMail subscription, you can get off the sideline and into the game with one of the most powerful tools you’ll have in your marketing arsenal.


You’ll want to use it for your email, incorporate it into your social media marketing, including video testimonials on your website, tell your story like it's never been able to be told before...the uses go on and on.

Check out just some of the industries that are using it to grow their businesses:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Medical Offices
  • Home Services
  • Business Coaches
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Animal Hospitals
  • Chiropractors
  • Web Designers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Insurance Agents
  • Auto Dealers
  • Restaurants
  • Non-profits
  • And so many more!
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